Cogas in South-Korea

For several years now, Cogas has developed various relationships in South-Korea. Modern horticulture is on the rise there; including a lot of scaling-up and professionalisation. By delivering Priva computer systems and even complete water units and electronic installations later on, we were deemed by South-Korean horticulturalists to be a reliable partner with quality aftersales.

In 2015, we opened an office there with local employees and our own warehouse. This allows us to deliver materials quickly, and we can take care of any engineering requirements on the spot. Thanks to our Dutch knowledge and expertise, we can deliver the same quality in South-Korea. We are up for whatever project our clients might have in mind. Aside from various installations in greenhouses, we have also provided climate cells and a complete research department on the ninth floor of a university building. Furthermore, we are creating more and more turn-key projects in which we are not only providing the installations, but are also delivering the entire greenhouse ready for operation.

Cogas service guarantee

We also maintain installations in South-Korea. This is often done remotely. We log onto the Priva system from Asten and send out local people to solve the issue. If this is not an option, our service professionals take care of the issue on the spot.